A New Post

So I was thinking last April, “I will write something again in that blog now that: it has been a year since I started it; I miserably failed my goals for it; the inspiration for my first topic, Easter, is coming up and could be a sort of reprise for this year”.

Needless to say, I didn’t do it. If you look at the date here, it is the last day of May 2009, It would be more fitting to celebrate my “A title for this“ anniversary—which by the way might celebrate the spirit of this blog better. There are a total of nine posts in this blog that is over a year old. Ten now.

However, there are things to celebrate with myself about this post. This is the first post I do in 2009. This is the first post I do using a Mac (which I have been using for half a year already) and I am the cliche that loves it.

What can I say of this time? More politics, more work, less art (not that I am an artist, but most of the words in this whole blog are devoted to two posts which rambled about it). I have not read a whole book since, other than the electronic version of Coraline. I have barely done writing of any kind—not even  quality emails, which were at some point my main outlet for writing. Yet, I have kept myself busy.

It has been good busy. Interesting things have happened. Good things. Summer is always a breaking point. It has been more than one year in which I start feeling change in life around May. Subtly anyway. Through high points in the summer, life develops into something completely different by the fall. It happened in 2006. It probably happened in 2007—if not starkingly. It definitely happened in 2008 (just one sign of it: I blogged—kind of—from April-May to October and then stopped). It sort of happened years before that too. It feels like it is happening in 2009.

So I thought this would be interesting for a post.


One response to “A New Post

  1. Yeah! I don’t have to answer but I will, it’s for sure interesting enough. Your pattern for writing is kind of awesome, in a way. Not in the way that means we have to wait chunks of the year between posts, but I mean, if that is the case you at least own it. I don’t know if I even knew you got a Mac… do you like it? I’m on the verge of a new computer but I think I want to stick with a PC. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing what transformation (can I call it that?) you experience over the next few months. Yeah!

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