A title for this

I don’t know what to type. I do feel better with myself for posting something.


4 responses to “A title for this

  1. Well I, for one, am looking forward to reading this new thing you wrote. Post! Post!

  2. ramblingsfromthezoo

    yeah, sorry, its been over a week now.. I finished it, but then wasn´t convinced some statements there were necessary or whether the whole thing had an important point, so I am just trying to make it have one without unnecessary bold statements. I just have been very busy, or sick, or tired. Well, sick I feel right now, so that’s not an excuse for last week, but many things have still come together and the post just seems like a monster that needs to be worked on to get to be something good.. ha, this all makes it seem its such an important post, it´s actually just a commentary about art, but i dont want to say things that embarrass me later.

  3. ramblingsfromthezoo

    ha, and I never posted it… since June already! I read it again last night, and it’s alright, I had sometime in July I think, made some small proofreadings that made it clearer, but wanted to maybe make it shorter… I never did, and it is still very long and probably not that interesting, but who cares, I’ll get to post something and people who want to read it can read it… I just didnt have the connection last night when I checked it and then got busy with other things; and right now I am at the office and the file is at home. So yeah, it should be here soon! (which from what has been shown, this could mean in two months… but maybe, just maybe, it could be some time closer… like tonight.)

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