Welcome and behold my first post’s original title

Welcome to my long awaited by myself blog. I simply enjoy writing and I am starting this as a a tool I hope I will use and enjoy while I might get a reader or two who might actually like something I write. I simply want something to get me writing, plus it is good to have a platform to speak out even if it’s only for yourself and no one will read, but I still, of course, hope someone will.

I had considered opening one of these for years, especially after the repeated suggestion of a great blogger (I might post a link to hers here or anywhere in the blog whenever I have time to figure out how this all works [UPDATE: I did!!]), but I never did create one, partly for fear, partly for feeling incapable of committing to writing, and partly for simply leaving it for later. My goal is going to be to try (I’m always rather careful when it comes to committing) to post one a week–hopefully more, but at least one. For now I am going to cheat. I opened this like a week ago on Easter Sunday I think and even wrote something. However, I was unsure about having a “formal” blogging space and just posted it on myspace. Well, I am now going to copy and paste it here as my first formal post so I can feel at ease about this week’s post. And anyway, if that doesn’t really count in the code of ethics for those who try to post once a week, then this very post you are somehow reading should be enough, as short and typical a blog’s  welcoming post as it may be. So anyway, I hope whoever reads this finds it alright, and also hope I do use it well.


3 responses to “Welcome and behold my first post’s original title

  1. Well you knew I would read right? I’m so glad to see this new blog exists! I think once a week is a great goal. Even if you don’t make it each week, don’t get discouraged. Sometimes there are dry spells and we just have to let it happen. In the meantime, I’ve got to go read your other posts! Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m going to link to you!

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